I love this work, y'all.


“I was talking to Christine Owenell from Nashville, who runs Owenell Global Consultancy and was visiting on Necker, and we got discussing education. (...) Her response was to follow the bliss. Thinking about it, follow the bliss is a wonderful piece of advice to give people in life. If you follow your dreams and spend your life doing what brings you joy, you are more likely to find success.”

Sir Richard Branson
Virgin Group


“Working with Christine was one of the most profound processes and journeys of my life. She enabled me to get in touch with fundamental building blocks of myself that were holding me back from stepping into my true self, and fully realising my potential. As an entrepreneur and investor who is deeply interested in spirituality, she helped me integrate the two. I now approach my life, my day, my business and myself, not from a place of grind or hustle or ego, but from a place of centredness and connectedness. That fundamental shift makes me even more powerful in what I am able to be, do and create. What makes Christine unique is that when it comes to business she really “gets it” due to her extensive commercial background. Combine this with an enlightened soul who has ‘done the work’ spiritually, and you have a luminary who brings light and clarity to those she touches. I am forever grateful for having connected with Christine, and being fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be guided by her.”

Jack Delosa
Founder & CEO
The Entourage


"Christine Owenell uniquely marries her world class background in traditional business management with her intuition around integrative alignment. The spaces opened by Christine give rise to focus, clarity, and sharp wisdom which has enabled me to evolve rapidly as a high impact, global executive. These outcomes are testaments to her finely honed instincts, level of professionalism, deep empathy, and her unwavering commitment to support people to unlock and express their full humanity and potential. Working with Christine is exhilarating and deeply fulfilling. She has helped me to exceed my own expectations of what I am capable of, and I recommend her to anyone who yearns to live an extraordinary life steeped in joy and purpose."

Katrina Dunn
Grameen Bank & Grameen Foundation


“I would highly recommend Owenell Global Consultancy to anyone who wants to improve their company in every area: culture, alignment, customer satisfaction, profit, leadership, you name it. Christine has tremendously impacted everything in my life and I am incredibly grateful for her.”

Britnie Turner
Aerial Development Group


"Christine's work is essential for your success. She's an incredibly intuitive person and an immense catalyst for growth. Together, we came up with actionable steps to help me get where I needed to be to become more present, powerful, and patient. She works to open you up to wisdom without judgment or pretense. Simply through sharing her own experiences and asking direct questions, we uncovered memories and experiences I had no idea were holding me back from my true potential. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough."

Alex Tapper


“Christine came into our office and flipped its negative, cold culture on its head within days of being in our presence. Not only was she intentional about empowering the employees, but she aligned everyone as a team to organize priorities and come up with exciting goals they genuinely wanted to reach. Getting the perspective of OGC on your business will allow you to see your company in a new light and make the necessary steps to turning your great company into an excellent company.”

Jessica Randolph
The Nashville Perspective


“The most useful part of the coaching was working through mindset and emotional issues around money, sales, and success. It was quite valuable to have someone push my thinking further than it would go alone. I’m a thinker, and I’m always thinking. That part has never been difficult. What was helpful with Christine was having someone who guided that thinking down productive paths. I feel much more capable now than I did in the beginning. I’ve made a strong connection to my own power. This has led to the discovery of what I feel is my life’s purpose. Life feels like it’s full of possibility.”

John McIntyre
The McMethod

“Coaching has made my values a lot clearer and helped me to decipher who I want to work with based on value alignment. I now feel like I am stepping up into the next stage of my purposeful work.” 

Amelia Loye
Founder & Managing Director
Engage2 Australia


“Mastering Money Conciousness was a truly transformational course. My perspective and relationship with money dramatically shifted in the short time we spent with Christine. Her desire to share this work comes from her heart, and her generosity makes this a truly palpable experience.”

Samantha Herbert
Seeds of the Future

joy crop.jpg

“Working with Christine is a dream! With Christine’s support I was able to notice ways that I was putting things at odds and not allowing myself to experience flow in my life. What is possible for me as a result of coaching is that I am putting one foot in front of the other in situations where I would normally not take action. Having someone on your side to support you in seeing what it is holding you back is priceless.”

Joy Rheman
The Joy Effect

V&S copy.jpg

"Because of the support of Christine, many internal beliefs I've had for so long are being broken down, and I'm now able to see my true self and use it constructively instead of self sabotaging. I've turned my dreams into reality. I spent years believing ease and abundance just wasn’t possible for me, and now in a matter of weeks it’s all happening. Christine’s expertise has educated me around taking inspired action and bringing life to my company. Her empowering me through her strength and passion has opened up my mind and brought positivity and certainty that I am enough. She has ultimately guided me towards my true potential, my soul purpose."

Kathleen Parker
Voyage & Serenity


“Christine has mastered the art of building a bridge over communication breakdowns within the office. She quietly and invisibly opens pathways you did not even realize were closed. Suddenly things just start working again, and when communication and workflow are back on track, morale surges too.”

Yogi Dougher
Sr. Vice President
Alternative Capital Funding Solutions

"Christine has an incredible natural ability to help clients rediscover and reconnect to what their mission is as humans. Through executive coaching and strategy consulting she can transform a business from a company with a good idea and foundation to one pulsing with a unified culture of employees working purposefully towards greater success. Working with her is inspirational and always leaves me with a renewed drive to be better, today, in any way I can. 

Heather Murdock
Lifestyle Coach




Hi! I’m Christine.

For the longest time I had a super corporate bio with a highlight reel of all the things I’ve done and been, in which I wrote about myself in third person. And it always felt a little…off. It didn’t feel like the best way for people to get to know me. So, let’s take another stab at this. I’ll keep some elements of my old bio for context, but consider this my overhaul.

I am a purpose economist, executive coach, visionary coach, and teamwork facilitator. I’m also a cosmic mystic, a mother, and a nature frolicker. My dearest friends call me The Lighthouse. I enjoy soul-drenched conversations about what the whole point of it all is. I love creating ceremony vibes by lighting candles randomly in the middle of the day. I am fortunate to enjoy the frequent company of my two ultimate gurus, 2 year old Atlas and baby Orion. I've realized rather recently that the arc of my life, starting from a young age, can be categorized by an endless fascination with the psychology of the human condition. I have spent a solo summer in Montreal at age 18, where I learned to navigate foreign cultures and languages for the first time. I have learned the importance of compelling stories from having beers with backpackers in my neighborhood in Sydney at age 19. I have lived in the Middle East at age 21, where I learned about conflict resolution and wrestled with global interdependence. I have completed a research practicum in hostage negotiation, counter intelligence, and body language analysis. I have learned the unequivocal importance of soulful conversations in the most unlikely of arenas when I served as SVP for a Spanish billionaire’s private fortune starting at age 26. I have generally trotted myself around this globe asking people what they care about and why. And what’s the common theme? The common theme is that I have always loved exploring the deeper meaning attached to our shared humanity. And I’ve always somehow toed the line between perceptions and realities. Which leads us to what I do today.

My work is focused on supporting positive behavioral change for leaders in the workplace and also in life - because isn’t it all the same? I have a solid business background so I exercise the use of experiential strategy and accountability and challenges. However, nothing changes without cultivating a.) willingness to see things differently, and b.) devotion to expanding self-awareness. I have advised and/or coached leaders at Google, Grameen Bank, Slack, The Entourage, Alooma, Cloud9, ProviderTrust, Nteractive, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Loom, and Sixty, to low key name drop a few.

I realized early on while being part of significant and high impact global deal flow the importance of bringing my whole heart into the boardroom. It seems to me that the more we can transcend our own ideas of what is best in favor of co-creating a new united vision for the future, the more we can connect to what is truest and most noble within our souls. It’s intoxicating to be in a room with people who understand this way of being, which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about the way I coach people. I have found that when it comes to leaders who are magnetic, it is so much more about the being than the doing.

I have always believed, even at a time when I didn’t know how to articulate it, that one day we will enjoy an economy where companies everywhere are functioning through lenses of alignment, authenticity, and fundamental kindness, and led by people who embody these qualities. As a result, how we experience business and wealth will catalyze the elevation of human consciousness. I think my most important revelation, though, is the acknowledgement that uncompromising presence is the truest miracle of all, and it is also the key to unlocking all the other miracles available to us. Learning to be present to my life, exactly as it is, has altered my trajectory indefinitely.


If you're reading this, it means you read my entire rambling bio.
And let’s all agree that brevity is not my forte.
Therefore, I'd like to know you too, if I don’t already know you.