I love this work, y'all.


“I was talking to Christine Owenell from Nashville, who runs Owenell Global Consultancy and was visiting on Necker, and we got discussing education. (...) Her response was to follow the bliss. Thinking about it, follow the bliss is a wonderful piece of advice to give people in life. If you follow your dreams and spend your life doing what brings you joy, you are more likely to find success.”

Sir Richard Branson
Virgin Group


“I would highly recommend Owenell Global Consultancy to anyone who wants to improve their company in every area: culture, alignment, customer satisfaction, profit, leadership, you name it. Christine has tremendously impacted everything in my life and I am incredibly grateful for her.”

Britnie Turner Keane
Aerial Development Group


“Christine came into our office and flipped its negative, cold culture on its head within days of being in our presence. Not only was she intentional about empowering the employees, but she aligned everyone as a team to organize priorities and come up with exciting goals they genuinely wanted to reach. Getting the perspective of OGC on your business will allow you to see your company in a new light and make the necessary steps to turning your great company into an excellent company.”

Jessica Randolph
The Nashville Perspective


"Christine's work is essential for your success. She's an incredibly intuitive person and an immense catalyst for growth. Together, we came up with actionable steps to help me get where I needed to be to become more present, powerful, and patient. She works to open you up to wisdom without judgment or pretense. Simply through sharing her own experiences and asking direct questions, we uncovered memories and experiences I had no idea were holding me back from my true potential. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough."

Alex Tapper

V&S copy.jpg

"Because of the support of Christine, many internal beliefs I've had for so long are being broken down, and I'm now able to see my true self and use it constructively instead of self sabotaging. I've turned my dreams into reality. I spent years believing ease and abundance just wasn’t possible for me, and now in a matter of weeks it’s all happening. Christine’s expertise has educated me around taking inspired action and bringing life to my company. Her empowering me through her strength and passion has opened up my mind and brought positivity and certainty that I am enough. She has ultimately guided me towards my true potential, my soul purpose."

Kathleen Parker
Voyage & Serenity


“Christine has mastered the art of building a bridge over communication breakdowns within the office. She quietly and invisibly opens pathways you did not even realize were closed. Suddenly things just start working again, and when communication and workflow are back on track, morale surges too.”

Yogi Dougher
Sr. Vice President
Alternative Capital Funding Solutions

"Christine has an incredible natural ability to help clients rediscover and reconnect to what their mission is as humans. Through executive coaching and strategy consulting she can transform a business from a company with a good idea and foundation to one pulsing with a unified culture of employees working purposefully towards greater success. Working with her is inspirational and always leaves me with a renewed drive to be better, today, in any way I can. 

Heather Murdock
Lifestyle Coach




Entrepreneur, purpose economist, and unconventional global business executive from Nashville, Tennessee. Social alchemist, nature frolicker, and world travel ninja. Named as one of ten Clinton Scholars; conducted research in the Middle East on conflict resolution and counter intelligence. Helped build Formula E into an international success as Senior Vice President of Veremonte; learned the importance of bringing soulful, “big Why” conversations into the board room. Discovered through high-impact, multi-stakeholder negotiations how to remove obstacles, transcend differences, and launch forward with a united vision. Co-founded DAKIA to accelerate positive transformation in emerging markets; collaborated on compelling initiatives aimed at improving the state of the world.

Founded Owenell Global Consultancy to create organizational strategies that honor the human spirit and cultivate authentic connection. OGC partners with organizations which strive to be exemplary game changers that drive holistic success. Connecting organizations and people to their broader sense of purpose will unlock economic potential. Christine believes that one day we will enjoy an economy where companies everywhere are functioning through a lens of mindfulness and empowerment and fundamental kindness. As a result, the fabric of how business operates will have changed for the better. Business systems and behaviors are already shifting; Christine aims to accelerate the transition to the next stage of human consciousness.