Client Application

I am so happy you're here. In order to get to this page, you had to do some thorough reading and work your way through a bit of a rabbit hole. I'm grateful for your dedication to figuring out if individual coaching is right for you. Here's a couple pieces of food for thought.

#1: I always say to potential clients that it is either a hell yes, or it's a no. This is because I only work with people who are on fire for consciously creating their life. 

#2: When it comes to me deciding who I would like to invite to become a client, I am discerning. However, I expect you to be discerning too. Coaching is a very particular, very magical relationship, and we must choose each other. 

I hold space beautifully and delicately, and I also shine a bright light on your blindspots. We meander gently, and I also challenge you on your contradictions. You will feel exhilarated with clarity, and you will also have murky head-in-your-hands moments. I wait with baited breath for revelations to be accessed by your own thinking, and I also hold you accountable to complete experiential homework that helps you explore and discover what's really possible. In my style of coaching, it's the bothness that is wonderful.

I have prepared this client application to ensure we are aligned. If I think we could be a fit, I will get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary session. These sessions have tremendous value whether we move forward with coaching or not. They nourish on multiple levels, on both sides of the equation. I love offering them to people, simply because I love being in service and in action. After this session we will know if working together makes sense, and we will have a clear direction on where you want to aim this (space)ship.

I am designed for one-on-one coaching work. It is so alive for me right now, more than ever before. That moment I watch the light of deep, grounded knowing flick on behind the eyes is what my dreams are made of. I vibe out on profound realizations and connecting dots. I serve as a mirror for you to remember how fckn magnificent you are, and to breathe deeper, fuller, as a result. And this breath then activates, ignites, permeates.


Are you ready to proceed?