Interview: Essentials of Self-Awareness

The real-life superhero Mark Shapiro interviewed me on his One & Only podcast, and we had a blast. I was so into the conversation that I kind of forgot we were recording a podcast, and I say "yeah, yeah!" like a million times. The takeaway, we agreed on many things and the topics were really intriguing! 
We discussed:
- why it is important to ask the tough questions
- what self work does for empathy
- how to get clear about what you want
- how to make paying your next bill an exercise in gratitude
- 3 ways to bring your authentic self to the workplace
- the myth of work/life balance
- my take on "balance" (balance is bullish*t)
- remedies for people pleasers
- a few of my self-introspective journaling prompts  

Listen here!

I have so much respect for Mark as a human being, and what he is creating in the world. Among many other things, he has a program called Winning Weeks that is a wonderful life addition for anyone who desires "a virtual gym for high achievers." Check it out at