Evolution in Slow Motion


I wrote this in my journal today because I’m feeling mushy and grateful and all the good feelings and I’m getting better about holding space to capture these moments:

Today 20 month-old Atlas recognized me, pointed, and exclaimed “mama!” with a big smile. But it wasn’t to come to him, it wasn’t because he needed me for comfort, he just wanted to say hello. I looked in his eyes and in the brightness of his face and saw pure joy, confidence, and pride in himself. He feels his independence growing, just as I do. Today, that look on his face felt different. It’s like I was watching evolution in slow motion. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Being present enough often enough to witness those fleeting seconds of a look in the eyes of those we love, a look that says “thank you,” “I love you,” “life is beautiful,” and “I am happy” all in one. That’s what we live for.