6ish years ago Ben and I met up in London on a wing and a prayer two weeks after our first (and only) date in Nashville. I've been here on business several times since then but this trip is the first time Ben and I have been here together since that first rendezvous, and it is bringing back entire chunks of forgotten experiences that have been glazed over with time. It's beyond wild to be walking through this city where we began to fall in love, reeling in amazement at the speedy passage of time. 

We have spotted the bar where we drank beer and shared stories of life lessons and past relationships, the park where we laid in the grass and sang out loud to Adele with Ben's iPhone speakers, the macaroon place where we split a coffee and teased each other about flavor choices, the shop where we bought each other gifts secretly hoping that this meant we were investing in a future together, avenues we meandered down holding hands and wondering if the other might be feeling the same feelings, cafes where we told each other exactly what was crossing our minds with refreshing amounts of vulnerability, because we didn't have time to play hard to get games. We were romantic and free and daring and hilarious and adventurous. Exploring possibilities with easy charm as well as thoughtful depth. Allowing ourselves to ask "what if" and doing our best to answer honestly; riskily. 

We had 6 days to decide if this relationship was something worth pursuing, and we made every second count. Now to be back here together with Atlas re-counting those seconds and those steps and those conversations, and looking down at the literal new life in the stroller that has come from that brief week is throwing me for a serious loop. It's like if you listened to one song during a very specific moment in your life, then didn't listen to that song again for years, then heard it on the radio one day. The world stops for a moment. Those experiences are crystallized in the melody and they come flooding back, filling your mind with moving pictures of memories that have become unfamiliar along the way. That's what London feels like right now. A melody of remembrance.