The Relevance of Coaching


Why do I believe in my work as a coach? 

I feel so strongly about the power of coaching. I love what I do so fully, so completely, because daily I get to interplay with the power of the human condition and the surrounding dynamics of that. Specifically, I get to witness people elevating their own self-awareness, resulting in powerful shifts in their way of being. When someone's way of being shifts consciously, it is reflected in their surrounding life, which is exhilarating for the client, and for myself as a coach. Witnessing this chain of understanding -> behavior change -> experience change is absolutely magical. Most of my days I am left in a state of awe of the power of my clients' willingness to see and experience things differently.

Coaching to me is essential because it helps people see themselves clearly through my eyes, and through my eyes I see someone’s inherent power, the inherent beauty of their mind, the inherent capability of their Self. To have the unique mix of those elements wrapped up in a container of accountability makes the coaching tremendously powerful. Everything in coaching is a mirror, even for myself. It really is amazing how it happens. As my clients become more aware and more centered, I become more aware and more centered. As my clients expand their capacity, I expand my own. Our experiences are intertwined for a time. My style of coaching focuses on my belief that every person has access to their own answers, their own magnificent wisdom. Because I am continually holding space for them to reveal this to themselves, and experience the personal confidence and power that comes from those revelations, I do very little “directing.” It is not about me being the expert, being the one with the answers. My highest expression is to facilitate my clients' understanding that they are the ones with the freshest, most relevant thinking. They are the ones with the answers. 

My mind is always open to seeing new possibilities emerge from someone’s unique thinking. Therefore, I am always learning from my clients as they learn from themselves, and as they are in this vulnerable place of trusting and testing their most revelatory truths, they are held by me. Is that not the most beautiful cycle? As a coach, I am both essential and irrelevant. It has been so liberating to make the shift from putting pressure on myself to provide someone else’s results, because in this line of work that is essentially impossible. The client is the one in their life, running their life, experiencing their life. I’m with them for 90 minutes every two weeks. The magnitude of their results are up to them, yet without the space that I hold in the unique way that I hold it, those same results might not be possible. I am both essential and irrelevant. 

People do not invest in coaching to be handed an automatic docket of results. They are investing in coaching to engage in a unique, very sacred process which encourages them to think deeply, to reason widely, to understand their own essence and reasons, and the reasons behind their reasons, and then be held accountable to being in action around their realizations and their innermost knowing. People invest in coaching to see possibilities through a neutral third party who ensures that they transcend their old stories and patterns that no longer benefit them, that they do the Work, and that they morph into the most ideal versions of themselves. 

Mine is a rather evolutionary perspective. Coaching isn’t about rehashing the past, or trying to figure out why things have happened they way they have, or attempting to figure out someone else’s actions or reasons. It isn’t about spending too much time engulfed in the cycles or behaviors or justifications that no longer serve you. It’s about evolving beyond these cycles into completely new realms. It’s about making the leap to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of living, a new way of moving through the world. Redesigning your life experience begins with stillness and space, which we so rarely give ourselves in this modern life. My brand of coaching straddles the line(s) between business strategy, holistic being-ness, and experiential action. I feel ignited every single day by my work in the world, because I get to spend my minutes in awe of how incredible people are. Their hopes and dreams and intentions and pain and lessons and learnings and wisdom. Humans are magnificent.