That Time with RB


Once upon a time, I was having a casual conversation with Richard Branson over lunch, and he decided to write a blog about it. What is interesting, to me at least, is that I never once posted about this on any of my social media feeds. I guess the exception is that I did cite it inside my org page inside my LinkedIn profile. This is the first time I've "self-promoted" this, and I have to admit that it feels a little strange. 

What I would like to note, is that even though it was a good conversation, I'm sure he has good conversations all the time. The fact that he decided to write about this, and mention me the way he did, is so kind. He did not have to mention me at all. I look at that and think how wonderful he is for using his platform to uplift the little people, with zero agenda other than just being his generous self. 

There is a very synchronistic, off-the-wall, supernatural version of how this conversation came to be...if we ever grab appetizers together remind me to tell you about it.

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