What is Coaching?

A miracle is a positive disruption.


This is about perspective shifts, revelations, and an ease that comes along with acknowledging how exhilarating this business of building a brand, a company, or a life, can be. As you take greater leadership in your life, and meet your edges, often anything that has prevented you from moving forward in the past will come up. These blocks can either hold you back or become stepping stones towards your next level of mastery...if you know how to use them.

It is my job as your coach to be a no-BS mirror for what truly activates you and what truly holds you back. The coaching container helps you show up more powerfully for the work that really matters to you by exploring the goal behind the goal, the reason behind the reason. My highest expression is to help you realize that you already are everything you seek; you already have the answers within.

This process is about finding the walls you’ve built that have temporarily caused you to forget your own vast being, your own vast power, knock them down, and peek over the other side at all the stunning new realities which await you patiently.

We will center around giving a voice to those raw, essential, life-giving places in you, so that you may know them more consciously, live what they teach you, mine their wisdom, and apply it to your Work.

We want absolutes, we want agreement. But those things aren’t always what is needed. Sometimes what is needed is exploration through the grappling, because that is the way to expansion, and expansion is the way to meaningful, scintillating influence.

We will find your own majestic story, tell it, share it, and magnetize it. Experiential learning is ultimate empowerment for actively creating. Creating an audience, creating wealth, creating focus, creating a company, creating a life that feels miraculous...it’s all here for you if you’re willing to show up fully for transformational coaching. I help you activate around your most profound wisdom to drive personal growth, professional growth, financial growth, and organizational growth.

Who are you, and why are you here, doing what you’re doing, being who you’re being? I want to know. Most importantly, I want you to know.