Confident. Delighted. Intelligent. 

You are either officially or unofficially a coach. You have had a natural inclination your whole life to guide, to hold space, to serve. I bet people have often told you that you’re an “old soul” or “wise beyond your years.” You love to read books that expand your tool box, however you have an inner knowing that you already have everything you need to be a stellar coach, if you can just trust it. When in the moment of an amazing conversation where you are playing the role of coach, you can’t help but think to yourself that you were designed for this. When you are in flow, it is like heaven on earth. However, there are a couple things that drive you crazy about this line of work. One is the comparison game - it is far too easy for you to fall into that trap, which then compromises your ability to be fully you, fully your best. The second thing is the pricing. It all seems so arbitrary to you, and you feel weird placing a value on your time when the industry spans to vastly. There is part of you that feels you need to prove yourself in order to charge higher fees, yet that softer, knowing side tells you this isn’t true. Where you get stuck is the space between what feels like reality, and what feels like your intuition. How are you supposed to connect those dots? You know from experience the power of coaching, so you know you could benefit from coaching the same way you are confident your clients do. This is how you connect those dots. It’s a continual opportunity to level up. And the coolest thing about a coach getting coaching, is that the things that are coming up for you, are also coming up for your clients. By moving through the work yourself, you expand your capacity to guide others in similar journeys. It never ceases to amaze you how closely intertwined your awarenesses are with the awarenesses of your clients and potential clients. Imposter syndrome tends to rear its head when you feel that you are only a quarter step ahead of a potential client in a given arena, be it not-enough-ness, finding true voice/power, and tuning into what’s most true…your logical mind asks you how you could presume to coach someone on something that you yourself are currently going through. But, again, you know that it doesn’t matter. You know that the magic of coaching is in the quality of space you hold, not in the amount of information you know. Because coaching is not necessarily providing answers, coaching is allowing those answers to come forward between the spaces, between the lines, between yourself and your client. The trick for you is to connect your own dots between value, worth, knowing, reality, money and what your next highest expression can be. We can create those connections together.