You do cool shit.

You always have. You are a forward thinker and an action taker. You’ve always been well liked by your peers, and respected by most. You succeed, and you make things happen. You realize that you seek meaning through your work, but you can’t seem to put your finger on your exact drivers. You are productive, but you know that if you applied yourself you could absolutely blow the roof off your possibilities. You are high powered, but you also have a bit of escapism within your being because you are scared of your own greatness. In this same vein, you procrastinate like an absolute champion.

For fun you throw house parties with great music and interesting cocktails. You are probably the life of the party, in a witty intellectual way. Your days are filled with meetings and coffee dates and happy hours and conversations that run late into the night over your fellow entrepreneur’s dope bonfire. You hang out at trendy coworking spots and at the social table at your local F2T restaurant. You always know where the newest rooftop chill spot is, because you've been checking out the menu weeks before the grand opening. That inventive burrata appetizer coupled with that smoky tequila drink will hit the spot on a sunny Friday afternoon. On social media you follow Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Elon Musk (even though he doesn't post much - what's up with that?), Wired, and that minimalist new brand for polished yet hip interiors. What gives you goosebumps? Synchronicity. The more people you meet, the farther you travel, the more you encounter absolute miracles. You just wish you’d made more of an effort to write them all down, because you could have filled a book by now. Being irrelevant scares you. You work too hard to create meaning for others and with others to have your life have no meaning.

You care most about seeing others succeed as you also rise - because you know that everything rises with the tide. You bounce back and forth between reading Tony Robbins, Big Magic, and international mystery thrillers that happen to expand your vocabulary. You share vids of Jason Silva and Prince Ea dropping wisdom. You idolize people who are clearly successful monetarily but who are also really great people at their core. You know from experience how easy it is to let ego creep in. Your big worldview is that everything is possible, it’s just a matter of finding the right path and enlisting the right amount of resolve. You have a weird block with persistence though…an obnoxiously thin skin when it comes to truly stepping out into vulnerability, even though you are refreshingly vulnerable in 1-on-1 conversations with friends and even new acquaintances.

Your guilty pleasure is way too much Facebook/Insta/Snap scrolling. The most exciting thoughts you have revolve around what the life you’re creating now might look like in 5 years. You are sometimes scared that you’re not dreaming big enough and therefore limiting God/Source/Santa in throwing more resources and opportunities your way. You want to be in a tribe that exists to collaborate and uplift, where everything people are doing with their lives are complementary. Competition is so 1990s. You wish it was easier to be vulnerable in a broadcasted setting. You haven’t mastered this and it is a skill you would love to home in on. You wonder how you can connect with the hearts of your future tribe without being corny. You would love if someone would create an app that connected complementary service offerings in unconventional ways, like a big web of mutually beneficial opportunities where there’s no such thing as selling, there’s just creating epic shit together 24/7. Who needs work/life balance when you are literally living your ideal reality every minute? Integration is key: integration in action and mindset.




Still reading?
Here's some spot-on poetry, because we are either totally vibing right now
you're fascinated by who I might be talking to, because it ain't you.
Either way, please enjoy.

do not burn
to burn out.

burn for what
ignites worlds
within you.

burn for love,
and your truth,
and for that
earth shaking
"yes" feeling.

you are made
of stars,
and fiery passion,
and you are too alive
to ever let yourself
fade away.