I see you. 

High powered. Well-liked. Eloquently spoken (most days). An amazing motivator. Intelligent, yet refreshingly goofy. You love a good book, and you also love a good time. You have risen to the top of whatever organization you're a part of, or maybe you started your own. Either way, you're a leader. You lead people because you have a natural ability to inspire. What a gift you have in this! You earn a solid living, and your mindset and self-worth has more often than not been tied to your net-worth. But that’s okay, because that has been the motivator that has allowed you to continue charging forward thus far. Your days are filled with people: meetings, decisions, lunch dates, happy hours, and date nights. As high powered as you are, you also have a shadow side where you want to numb, to turn everything off, to binge watch TV so you can just stop striving for a minute. You most wish for belonging. Sometimes you feel like you might have mistaken power for meaning. The more of a way of life your day job becomes, the more it defines your identity. Some days this is okay, others you feel that pull for more. You don’t like to give this pull much thought, because it scares you. It scares you because you are nervous that if you follow that rabbit hole too far it will lead you to a place where you have no choice but to shake up your life entirely. There's a good chance you'll realize you’ve been chasing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, even though you’ve achieved extraordinary results. You have a steady, quiet voice inside which insists that you can be even greater, but not from an ego point of view. From a human point of view. 

There is a difference between a wonderful human and a successful one. Sometimes they are one and the same, but often success comes at a price. A price of humility, a price of compassion, a price of empathy. You wish your holistic self could be combined with your executive presence in a socially acceptable way that wouldn’t make you the butt of the jokes of your professional peers. There has to be something more, right? Yes, you know there is. You own the car, the house, the watch, the first class ticket. Why then, do you still feel like something is missing? That voice is speaking up again. Spoiler alert: you don't really want those things - you desire the freedom that you believe those things represent. 

You have mostly intellectual conversations, but you secretly love delving in to conversations that explore the secrets of the universe. The unanswerable questions. Maybe this is because it helps you to make sense of your own unanswerable questions. Maybe it’s leading you closer, or maybe it’s another distraction. What gives you goosebumps is the possibility that it's not another distraction. What if you’re getting closer? You’re closer to discovering your big WHY, the wisdom you’ve had all along, covered in a dusty corner of your mind that you haven’t opened because you’re not ready to change everything yet. You’re not ready to take responsibility for that yet. You’re not ready to be held accountable to BE what that requires in the world. I get that. I’ve been there. Several days a week, I’m still there. What does this responsibility mean? It means you’ll be visible. It means people will see you - truly see you. It means that you won’t be able to please the majority of people anymore. You might polarize. You might confuse. You might anger. You might ignite skepticism and rebellion against the very core of who you are. It will be challenging, but it will be worth it. Because what you've realized you care most about - finally - is stepping fully into yourself, into the highest expression of your humanity, and making it work for you and your talents in business. Business needs to be transformed. The norms are no longer in line with your inner knowing of what is holistically right for you and for others. You long to find commonalities with people in this respect. You yearn to realize you’re not the only one.

I have good news for you. Not only are you not the only one, but there is a methodology, a way, a corporate-approved and highly functioning strategic way to integrate your deep knowing side with your successful career-oriented side. Fulfillment can be united. Everything can be integrated. You no longer have to live halfway into each side of yourself. You've been hoping that someone would come along and deliver into your hand the possibility for conscious business activation. Possibility is all you need to understand, and then it’s a yes. Actually, it’s a hell yes. The prospect of reuniting your splintered way of being excites you to no end. If you can get this programming implemented and understood by everyone in your company, you can finally walk through the doors and not put on your mask. In fact, you can throw your mask in the fire. You won’t need it anymore. And that, THAT, is the most exciting, world-altering proposition of all. 



Still here but not sure if this offering applies to you? That's absolutely perfect. I believe that timing is intelligent. Ideas and people and opportunities make sense in our lives exactly when we are ready for them.

In the meantime, please enjoy the below video created by an acquaintance of mine who I find to be incredibly inspirational.

 Years ago this media moved me in ways that I still can't fully describe. I discovered this at a pivotal time in my life, and what I took away from it has ultimately led me to where I am today. It was one of those realities that hit me squarely in my consciousness when I most needed it, and when I was most ready to hear it.

The words and images here are gifts to your world view, if you choose to accept them as such.

Please enjoy.