workshops, reimagined


In a half-day or day-long format, I help teams identify objectives & core values and then leverage those to drive and align company culture, processes, strategies, & organizational development. Workshops are rooted in business growth, but are also deeply soulful and experiential.

Creativity-igniting offsite sessions are also offered for specialized groups or teams who want to go deeper into self-mastery and self-awareness. These are spacious, lush, and beautiful experiences which are tailored to the desires and dynamics of the participants.

I am a Partner at Evolution, a boutique consultancy specializing in coaching and culture for startups and high growth companies. We collaborate on workshop content and delivery, particularly for larger organizations.
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Under the brand "The Purpose Economist," Christine Owenell serves as a provocative keynote speaker and panelist.

Past topics include:
Empathy in Business
Money Consciousness
Personal Development
Corporate Culture
Generative Listening
Authenticity in Business
Life as an Adventure
Innovating at Speed
Evolutionary Leadership 

Past events/clients include:
Deloitte Australian Financial Review Innovation Summit
American Renewable Energy Day
The Talent Exodus
Aerial Global
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Accelerator Summer Business Institute
Women in Business Forum

"When an organization invites all employees and all stakeholders to participate in creating the vision, something amazing happens. The miraculous enters in as the diversity of the group coalesces into a complex but unified vision of what they want to create together. This future vision is always far more powerful and ingenious than any individual could have possibly imagined."

Margaret J. Wheatley