are the people we've been waiting for.

Real talk.

I have realized that while I absolutely love full on organizational consulting, I relish the opportunities I have to work with the individual people inside those organizations. I didn’t realize the gravity of the personal work I was doing with my clients until I watched their companies evolve to the degree to which they had evolved personally. Therefore, I have expanded my practice to include 1:1 coaching, and you don't have to run a company or work for one of my clients to qualify.

I can't decide what term to use. Life Coach sounds too nebulous, and Business Coach sounds too one-dimensional. My work is somewhere in the middle. Maybe I'll settle on Connection Coach, because I have a knack for helping people unlock their inherent wisdom to cultivate true connection to self and to others in a meaningful way. Witnessing the moment a person realizes that they are capable and whole is what lights me up. I have found that when I hold space for people to explore those meaningful questions that rattle around in their soul, they realize what I hope you'll realize as well. You already know the answer. You are already powerful. You are already free. You are already there. All I do is help you figure out where to point the flashlight. This is deep, important, personal work, and you must show up fully for it.

If this speaks to you, I would love to facilitate your process.

If you are wondering if you and I would be a good fit:
I know who it is I'm equipped to benefit most. Go here, and you'll know if you're that person.


-- Christine