are the people we've been waiting for.

Real talk.

I have realized that while I absolutely love full on organizational consulting, I relish the opportunities I have to work with the individual people inside those organizations. I didn’t realize the gravity of the personal work I was doing with my clients until I watched their companies evolve only to the degree to which they had evolved personally. Therefore, I have expanded my practice to include 1:1 coaching, and it's not just for executives.

I can't decide what term to use. Life Coach sounds too fluffy, and Business Coach sounds too one-dimensional. My work is somewhere in the middle. Maybe I'll settle on Alignment Coach, because I have a knack for helping people unlock their inherent wisdom to cultivate true connection to self and to others in a meaningful way, integrating and aligning patterns across their lives. I am passionate about activating human potential by truly knowing ourselves. By doing the work and deciding to change our minds. Realizing we are inherently valuable and breathing deeper when that notion really sets in.
I help you find the tools you already have, and then I teach you how to use those tools.

Witnessing the moment a person realizes that they are capable and whole is what lights me up. I have found that when I hold space for people to explore those meaningful and hidden questions that rattle around in their soul, they realize what I hope you'll realize as well. You already know the answer. You are already powerful. You are already free. You are already there. All I do is help you figure out where to point the flashlight.

I will urge you to more completely know yourself, your intuition, your motivations, and your stories about who you are and who you are not, who you want to be and who you don’t want to be. Then, after this expansion into self-awareness, the business-minded coaching enters the scene.
The accountability.
The strategy.
The action.
The experimentation at your edges.

Together we reach into the crevices of your future, and play there, and linger, and experience the possible, now. I witness you as you ignite creativity and momentum and inspiration and momentum and leadership and magnetism and exhilaration. And, the final piece of this that I want you to know is this: I didn’t say this out loud for the longest time, because my business self was nervous about presenting as the airy fairy woo woo one, however, I’m gonna say it. Because I’m a mthrfckn rebel like that. Here’s the core of it: I tap into the quiet voice of your soul, and invite you to hear that same voice. I can’t always explain how or why this happens, but it does, in various forms, and it’s real, and it’s incredibly valuable to my clientele. I operate in 5D, my friends. If that freaks you out or makes you roll your eyes, you’re probably not my client (and believe me, that’s 100% cool because I. have. been. there. and I respect where we all are in our journeys). However. If you currently have a chill bump or two, or if you are breathing a little deeper, or if you have feelings of resonance in your heart, or even if this has ignited some unexpected curiosity, read on.

This brand of coaching is deep, important, personal work, and you must show up fully for it. You must open to it. You must acknowledge your power. And you must expand your capacity to hold it all. All of it. All of you. All of your potential and your past and your is-ness and everything else in between.

If this speaks to you, I would love to facilitate your process.

I know who it is I'm equipped to benefit most (although there are always exceptions that reach outside of my understanding).
Go here, and you'll know if you're that person.


-- Christine