Hello luminous one. 

You are pregnant. Hear you roar. Roaring with knowing. Your intuition is soaring inside of you, helping you to understand things that have long been out of reach…or so you thought. Since becoming pregnant, you have come to understand your own potential, your own power, the gravity of what it means to bring a new soul into the world through your physical body…seriously. Whoa. This boomerangs back and forth in your mind between scary as hell and empowering as hell. You intuitively feel that you should explore all your birth-day environment options are, yet it’s not really something you’ve given much thought to in the past. You are mentally in touch with your unborn baby, to the extent that you can get a feel for their personality. You meditate, you spend time in the quiet, and then you binge on Scandal and Suits. You chow down protein smoothies made with kale and love, and then you order Jet's. You treat your ailments with homeopathy and essential oils and then you buy a bag of sour patch kids. It's all about balance.

For fun you read spiritual self-help books. In fact, you impulse buy tons of books off Amazon that remain on your shelf with the spines in tact, because sometimes your intentions are more powerful than your actual time for actions. Kind of the same with food - eyes are way bigger than your stomach. You have a close group of girlfriends. Not too many, but more than a couple. You spend your days at the moment thinking about what in the heck is about to happen in your life. You feel guilty for having selfish thoughts about not having enough time for yourself, and feeling like there is a countdown timer on everything you meant to do before (which is totally piling up in the back of your mind). There have been several times you have felt a swell of resentment that the birth of this child might hold you back from fulfilling your spontaneous adventure desires. On the other hand, you realize intuitively that this baby represents so many opportunities, and so many transformative situations, that will propel you forward in ways you never dreamed. You know that this being is coming into the world for a reason. You realize that birth is way beyond physical. It is emotional, it is spiritual, and it is absolutely transcendent. You want to facilitate what you can to enable this experience to be what it can be, always keeping in mind that things never go according to plan but that anything can be faced with grace and resolve.

You want to be part of a tribe which celebrates and acknowledges the sheer genius and ancient wisdom of the physical body, of spiritual connection, of the power of the mind, and of the gravity of becoming a mother. The instant your baby is born, you are also born into an entirely new identity. It happens every day to people and you feel like everyone is desensitized, including yourself. You want to bring the sacred back into the regular conversation. You would love some validation of what you have known all along - that you have the ability to continually tap into that well of knowing that you so enjoy when it pops up or when you allow it to surface. Even though you know you’re an all-powerful maker of life, you’re still human and you’d like to have to try a little less hard to connect to the most true part of yourself. You would love to have someone in your life to help you reframe when you lose sight of the bigger picture and feel like you're drowning in swollen ankles, delayed dreams, and pickles. Sometimes, simply having the space to reflect and acknowledge the sacred, spiritual nature of this journey is the key to many doors.