You are deliciously, messily, human.

You are a student who is already a leader amongst your peers, but you feel a little lost when looking to the next step after college or grad school. There is some apprehension when you think about what career you’d like to choose. You could be effective in so many places, so how do you make that decision? Where do you start? How could you possibly know enough at this time to make a move towards an unknown future? There is some fear there. Fear of failing publicly. Fear of not making the right choice. This fear is there because you have rarely failed in the past, and you are in good standing within most of your social and relational circles. As much as you don't like to admit it, this means a lot to you. For fun, you like to go out and have beers with your friends, and you definitely get excited about a boozy brunch with your #squad, but you secretly love cuddling up on a Friday night with a good documentary and reading as you fall asleep. Shhh, I won’t tell anyone. Your day is filled with stuff but more often than not you feel like you should have been more productive. You criticize yourself for spending too much time on social media. You think too often about that aloof group of people you felt misunderstood by 7 years ago. What was it about you that caused them to disengage?

The conversations you mainly have are about possibilities, and maybe what the plans are for that week, because you love organizing around plans. The conversations that light you up are what the future holds in transformative tech, who is doing awe-worthy, wonderful things in the world (and what they’re doing), and where the newest exotic destination is. Montenegro? Cappadocia? Bali? Done. Signed up for low fare alerts? Done. Thinking about spontaneously booking a flight to one of these destinations and exploring solo or with a really good friend gives you goosebumps. Few things making you feel more free than meandering down cobblestone streets, discovering your next new favorite coffee shop with that killer lavender latte you'll be reminiscing over for months.

You are scared of failure, or of lost opportunities. Interestingly enough, the paralysis you put yourself into so as to not make any mistakes causes you to miss out on way more opportunities than you’d like to admit. When you read the wording of that important email for the 74th time and then ultimately decide to not send it today because you'll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow, you're holding out on your potential. This is a small example which demonstrates that you have bought into the belief that you're not good enough. You care most about meaning. Meaning in friendships, meaning in your job, meaning in your actions and seeing how you impact your world. You read articles on Zuck's morning routine, the life lessons some nurse learned from dying people, Tools of Titans (duh), and sometimes you froth out on gossipy listicles and the goings-on of celeb life. Emily Ratajkowsky is gorgeous, no matter what your gender is. You worry about not being seen as successful by your family and your peers. You worry about the state of the planet. You worry about how you will make your lasting mark on the world. You idolize people who have had the foresight to create something quickly and turn it around into a globally recognized brand because you idolize smart business. You are mesmerized by young entrepreneurs who are confident and breezy - you see a piece of your future self in them.

Your big world view is that you choose Humanity. Love is love is love. Because you have a sense that you're here to do more, it can add to the pressure you feel to produce and to move and to figure it all out Right. This. Minute. Your guilty pleasure is a movie marathon on a rainy Saturday, or scrolling Instagram as you walk to (every) class or during those 8 minutes before that meeting begins. Your most exciting thought focuses somewhere between freedom of time, freedom of choice, and freedom of opportunity. You know that money isn’t necessarily the driver of these things, but it is the element that seems most accessible right now, so that's what you're planning to acquire first. You hang out at Sunday afternoon Funday sessions somewhere with a kick ass patio, and trendy coffee shops in the late morning finishing up that essay, and that new restaurant that just opened with the dope lighting. You go to events and networking things occasionally, but there is never really enough depth there for your taste. You want to be part of a tribe that does fulfilling work, but that also leads a solid life. Pleasure is kosher in your book - it’s okay to enjoy life when you create the means to do it. What do you want solved? Making all these big decisions easier. Why isn't there a formula in 2017 for this? Sometimes when there are too many options, you become paralyzed. You would most appreciate an algorithm or a coach who could simplify everything down to a few options based on a deeper calling rather than a label. Labels hurt you because you pay way too much attention to perception and you know it. You would love a go-to way to circumvent this egoic tendency because it can be seriously debilitating. Time is precious and abundant, all at once. Let's make this paradox work in your favor, shall we?